Freelance art director and designer.
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EF Education First is an international education company offering language learning, cultural exchange, and academic programs around the world. EF operates in 114 countries, with offices and schools all over the world.

My key responsibilities as Art Director were to redesign their global site to improve the overall user experience and look and feel. As well as global, I was also responsible for the redesign of the program guide, contact, and about page. 


Client: EF Education First
Studio: EF Creative Studio, London
Creative Direction: Ben Kennedy
UX: Simon Grant, April Felker
Year(s): 2019 – 2020


Art Direction
Design Systems


EF program guide page (also known as pg) is the most important page of the site. Here users can view all products/courses, filter them by age and choose the most relevant to them. Each product is displayed as a card and shows basic information such as description, location, duration of the course, etc.

The old card design (bottom left) had several issues so one of the main focus points of the redesign was right the card UI along with the page. The goal was to provide users with a clear layout to facilitate their choice and help them pick up the correct product. 

Layout, colors, imagery, and typography are some of the elements that have been tweaked.

Main UI card issues were:

  • no clear distinction between products
  • crowded layout
  • legibility issues and tiny fonts
  • no use of colors
  • moody imagery 

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