New User Experience and user interface for Homeviews, the UK’s only verified resident review site and database with over 40k+ reviews.

Product / Visual / Design Systems

Project info

Homeviews is the UK’s only verified resident review site and database, with over 40K reviews and 95%+ build-to-rent coverage. Homeviews collects verified home reviews across the UK, so future tenants can make an informed decision.
When Homeviews reached out, their product site was based on concepts and suggestions from the project management team: no research or testing was done when building the site, and no design language was in place. The site was built in WordPress and the technical limitations of the CMS alongside a new company strategy led to a full redesign, focussed on performance and functionality.

Team and credits

Role: UX/UI Designer
Worked on: UX/UI, Product, User Research, Art Direction, Design Systems
Development: Homeviews in-house team
Year: 2023

Understanding the problem

The first thing I did when I joined HV was to conduct interviews to understand pain points and issues of the current site/product.
The research was focused on understanding goals and needs, both from a company and user perspective: I interviewed users (via Userbrain) and managers, and gathered all of the information in an affinity diagram to map out issues and priorities (see above).

As well as research and interviews, I also conducted UI audits to mark down the complete list of components that needed to be redesigned and migrated from WordPress to the new CMS. The process was done with the development team and helped us set up a clear roadmap from both a development and a design perspective. 

The result

The result is a brand new site with a refreshed UI and a better navigational system as well as a brand new review section where users can read reviews and research developments. As requested by almost the majority of users in phase 1, we’ve also introduced a new map feature to help users search areas and/or developments nearby.

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