Visual & UX/UI Designer focussed on art direction, digital and product. Currently freelancing for a wide range of clients and design studios.


Hi, I’m Cristina, an Italian-Swiss designer born in Lausanne and now based in Rome, Italy. Before joining the freelance tribe I worked in London for 7 years. Here I had the pleasure to join companies and creative studios such as MRM/McCann, Studio91, EF Education First, and many more. I enjoyed very much my time in the UK and I nowadays still collaborate with UK companies and design studios.

My design career started with print as my BA degree was very much focussed on branding, editorial and type design. Nowadays I specialise in user interface, user experience, branding and art direction. My approach to design is quite analytical, pragmatic, and data-driven. I love to craft good-looking UIs, but I never compromise on performance and development. I’m always interested in finding out how things are made, and I love to collaborate with developers and UX designers to translate user needs into beautiful and accessible products.

I’m currently based in sunny Rome and work remotely with companies based in the US, UK, UAE, and Europe. I also worked in Shanghai and Hong Kong for some time, which I loved very much.


Interface Design (UI)
User Experience (UX)
Product Design
Visual Design
Art Direction
Design System
Editorial Design


In the past few years, I had the opportunity to work and collaborate with some of the best clients over there. Some came through agency work, others through consultancy or freelance gigs. I enjoyed every aspect of working with these clients and would love to thank all of them for the opportunity given.

Allianz / Adobe / Unicredit / Earnt / EF Education First / EF EPI / EFSET / Natoora / Sweaty Betty / Homeviews / The Homeware Outlet / Prezola / Tooled Up / Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute / Metaview / Capitalise / AIDOS / TOT Money / Materieunite / Verde360 / Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia / DMOOD / Solvd / WIT / BHSF / Cisco / TommeeTippee / Vauxhall / Mastercards / Quantemplate / and many more.

Client feedback

I worked with Cristina at EF for 2.5 years and found her a joy to work with. I’d highly recommend her to any business or design team looking to level up, or set themselves apart from the competition. The flair, craft and creativity she brings to design, along with a passion for both the big picture and small details, have helped the team create more meaningful work with better outcomes. Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, Cris is kind, smart and approachable – as well as hardworking, efficient and motivated. Whoever gets to work with her in the future will be very lucky indeed.

Simon Grant
Design Manager at EF Education First

Cristina has been absolutely amazing on this project – I would highly recommend working with her! Cristina got up to speed on the project super quickly, has delivered some amazing designs and has had a great relationship with all the stakeholders involved, from Directors to developers.

Grace Tolley Smith
Project Manager at Homeviews

Cristina brought the visual finesse and creative execution of Quantemplate’s brand to another level. The approach which she defined is still in use today and praise from across the industry keep coming in. She is not only a brilliant visual designer: her analytical approach to complex data design and her intuition for usability helped solve some of our gnarliest User Interface challenges. Working together was a real pleasure and I hope we have the opportunity to do so again.”

Tom de Gay
Head of Design at Quantemplate

What’s going on

Currently freelancing as UX/UI Designer at RAKBANK, UAE’s leading private sector bank. Also learning more about UX at the UX Design Institute. During my spare time, I’m also learning how to make websites in Webflow and how to do Supta Kurmasana. Wish me luck!

Other things about me

✽ I’m a social-media-free human being
✽ I won a European Design Award a few years ago
✽ I’m an avid Ashtanga Yoga practitioner
✽ I’m obsessed with chickpeas, type design and spices
✽ I’m a vegan, and I cook a lot. Bon appétit!

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